Monday, 3 January 2011

The Past

Firstly, I'd like to mention during secondary school I struggled with coursework and staying focused in class mainly due to the fact I was surrounded by some people who would distract me with their "jokes" and I would say they got me in a "I can't be bothered" mood and I then continued having fun with the others by joking and doing stupid stuff.

I always had staff in my lessons to give me extra support and I didn't put in the effort into my coursework like the others would, I picked Geography, Food tec. and Hospitality & Catering because I was cooking alot back in primary school and I really enjoyed it and when I was 13 I started traveling around central London and certain parts of the U.K independently to play a card game I really enjoyed playing and I made good money from it occasionally!

When it came to my GCSE's I opened my envelope and I noticed instantly I didn't get one A-C but I was still happy at the time because I was with my old school mates (only one I still keep in touch with).

Throughout those 5 years of secondary school, I didn't even know what career I wanted to go into because I was busy having too much fun making all the teachers stressed out and being such a git wasting paper on printing pictures of Peter Andre and me and two other mates would go to the toilets during our free lesson and throw them around the toilet sinks etc. I was a right nutter in those days and I loved all the entertainment.

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