Monday, 3 January 2011

College life 2009-2010

College life - So during my time at school I didn't really bother thinking about a career as I mentioned, but my dad always told me to get any job you think will be possible without all these academic qualifications. So I applied for a Btec course in brickwork at East Berkshire college and got through the interview easily just by showing some interest in the course. When it came to the first day, I had my boots with me and we got to meet everyone and at the time I felt so much different to whom I was at secondary school, much more mature and resposible you could say. We were told to talk to the people on our table about who we are, and when we got through the day doing some practical work I thought to myself there's no-way I don't want to be like any of these people as they didn't have any mannors and they're the sort of people you'd see on Jeremy Kyle to be quite honest. When I got the train back to London, I went out of the station and crossed the road and I saw old school mates who I didn't really fit in with but they were really friendly and they were all smartly dressed up whilst I was wearing a leather jacket and some old jeans and meeting them made me reliaze they're going to get extremly good jobs of their own choice when they finish their education. So, when I arrived home I just explained to my mum that the travel to get there and the course not forgetting the environment wasn't what I expected it would be (maybe because I didn't think about it carefully) in a matter of hours througout that evening I knew that I wasn't going to stay there much longer. 

So I applied to do a business course in Hammersmith and West London College (Even though I had no clue where it would lead me in life and I've never had a true interest in it) and when I organised an interview with them, I was luckily enough to attend last minute enrolement. When I got there I was directed to this lady at the computer to put me into a class and all the business courses were already full and the only courses available were Hair and Beauty and Health and Social care, I knew there was no way I was going to pick Hair and Beauty so obviously I was going to pick Health and Social care which I did and I was due to start next week.

During the first day, I was really nervous, everyone there knew each other because they had already been there for two/three weeks. I just had to be as confident as possible and I'd know for a fact I'd be ok, but infact the class had not much interest in learning but only a few did but I did get along with them as I needed to make sure I was in a good position in starting Hammersmith College.

Throughout the year I had changed so much and I actually did the work in class and I'd also go up to the library to complete unfinished coursework. When the year ended I achieved the introductory certificate award and for a treat I was invited to do rock-climbing with two of each student in the same qualification background.

I applied to progress to the first diploma in Business, from the other selection of courses I had access to I chose that because I loved watching The Junior Apprentice and while watching each episode I thought to myself I could try and do that. So when I got invited to an interview it was much harder than before because they only take people on with a big passion unlike the introductory qualification. I was given a writing test about what business I'd like to set up in the future, and there I was back to sqaure one again, not knowing what I'll be doing with my life, so I just had to make it all up and I put down I was going to run a pub mainly because I'd always meet up with good friends of mine at The Harvester to have drinks and talk about the latest gossip. So, I wrote as much as possible and when I was called into the other room, the lecturer seemed really puzzled about my exam I gave him and knowing in his views he has to make sure the right people get on the course, and he asked me if I wanted to pick I.T but I declined instantly because I wanted something which I was interested in and watching the apprentice got me to have a big interest in it. With pleasure he gave me a place on the course and I had to go the next room to be put into a class, as I was sat down I was thinking to myself "I'm I actually doing the right thing" and when I was given my details to the women, I had to apologize to her for time wasting and asked her what careers can I get with the course and she said "Where do you see yourself in the future" I replied saying in an office somewhere. She then recommended I.T and when she gave me the prospectus I thought all these skills could be really useful as I've always been the computer wizard in the family. So I went for it and knew I'd stay on the course for sure. 

During the first day I met everyone and unlike the year before I was there at the right time so I knew I'd be confident unlike last year. When the days flew by I started talking to everyone in the class and they all seemed to think I was a funny, and intelligent person so I knew that everyone was going well. 

Throughout 2010, I learnt how to design logos, do a presentation to the whole class (speaking and directing with possitive body language), spreedsheets, data entry, and much more. I also applied for a re-take in my GCSE english (even if I don't achieve a C or above I'd definetly know that I did concentrate in the class and studied as much as possible). I even went for a pre-GCSE Maths course which is pretty much the same thing as GCSE but you don't sit the exam!

A month later, our lecturer announced that two student representative had to be elected. I thought this was a good opportunity to demonstrate my skills in leadership! I went for it along with 4 other students. We than had to make a speech to the class on why should they vote for us and what we'll promise, I stated that I'll always do my best and I am happy to take notes down in what people would like to see different about the College and that I'll attend every meeting and do my best to make changes throughout the College environment. Everyone had to write down on two piecesof paper who they wanted to speak up for the classroom. When the voting finished, the lecturer wrote our names on the whiteboard and he'd put a stroke for each name he'd look at on the pieces of paper. At the start I was doing well but it wasn't long before three other students took the lead and I thought at least I tried. But just when more reults came up I started getting more strokes and I ended up going joint with about 9 strokes and there I was just speechless whilst everyone was clapping their hands and congratulating me for actually making a comeback in the end which was pretty much like a football match.

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