Monday, 3 January 2011

Life outside College throughout the end of 2009 and 2010

Going back to the first year at Hammersmith. I lost so much weight from school as all my old clothes were falling off me as I started going to the gym and walking alot, and I finally started wearing decent clothes as fashion was something to create a good image to the world out there whilst back in school days I use to wear anything I could set my hands on. 

When 2010 started, I was looking forward to my 17th birthday because I invited people from my childhood which I recently got connected with on Facebook aswell as people I knew the year before as I had one friend to start with and I become good friends with his friends!

After that day, I knew to myself that my life had changed so much as I knew there were changes made and that I became a different person!

throughout the year I'd often arrange events where we'd all meet up for a drink and have a great night with loads of laughing, jokes knowing that I still had my mind on education! 

A month after my birthday, I had still struggled finding a part time job as employers would look at my C.V with all these horrendous qualifications (but doesn't that sure am an honest person that I didn't lie about my GCSE results) and think how boring I am.

Eventually, I did find a small job on Grumtree which gave me some income, I got offered a dog walking job on friday mornings in East Sheen near Richmond! I was happy that I got the job, and that I was earning a few quid aswell as doing my course, but a few months later I decided to quit because It was too much hassle going there from where I lived on friday mornings and I had to always wash the dog after the walk as the owner had a nice big house with a respectful neighbourhood.

When I stopped doing the dog walking, I found out the new house my cousin moved into in Chiswick needed decorating, so my uncle gave me a Saturday job, tearing off wallpaper, taking everything to the skip, and following orders. When I was no longer needed my uncle asked me "how much do you want for the all that work you did" and I was thinking to myself I didn't do what the polish builders were doing so I had to reply "I don't mind tbh" and then he offered me £120 pound for four/five weeks of work and I staggered, I had no idea I'd be getting more than the odd £50 pounds and I actually left really happy and satsified with myself. 

During the 2nd half of 2010, I had to breakup a friendship of a mate who I had known from secondary school and even though it was 6 years, I knew that he was holding me back  because I don't do jokes all the time and I didn't see any seriousness in him so I knew if I always stayed the same I'd never forgive myself when I'm an old man whilst thinking "I wanted to that and that". So it was for the best. 

A while afterwards I got in touch with another old mate of mine and I got invited to his house up in Alnwick which is in Northumberland! I was so excited not only seeing a mate in 2/3 years (we lived in the same area) but at that point I've never ever been past Manchester in my life and I was heading to Newcastle by a coach from London Victoria! I spent a week there and we went to Edinburgh and it was the first time I had ever entered Scotland! I enjoyed a good week away from home and I knew I spent summer well by doing more traveling and with an F in geography it doesn't take an idiot to work out how to get from A to B.

A few weeks before I started my I.T course, I applied for another job which was in Hammersmith, it was handy that the College and workplace were next to each other. I got offered a job interview with auntie anne's pretzels. At the current day, I arrived at the destination and I was offered to sample, but I explained to them I was offered a job inteview with them and me being in a suit which felt a bit awkward at the time. I then shook hands to two managers who interviewed me next door at Starbucks and bought me a drink. As one of them started to interview me I was mentioning about my studies in Hammersmith and that I'd pretty much work hard as much as possible. When the interview finished I got an email two weeks later telling me that I haven't been accepted but to be fair it was my first ever job interview within a company and I was proud of myself actually getting that far. 

So now we're back to my 2nd year at Hammersmith and West London College, throughout the first 2 months I had to be much busier than before doing alot more coursework which I did have confidence in and getting into new music! 

Around October my gran sadly passed away, god bless her and we can't go on crying about how much we all miss her but I was really upset that night when I found out from my dad over in Ireland and I had to cry myself out so tomorrow would be a new beginning to think towards the future. I become much more possitive with myself and I knew crying my eyes out about my gran passing away wasn't going to help because she wouldn't want us being upset, she would want us to continue with our lives as normal because everyone dies its natural! 

A week later, I met Lord Sugar twice in one whole day. I met him at Waterstones during the afternoon and he signed my copy of his book and he seemed really pleasent towards me in real life as the media make him out to be an angry person because of his language he uses on The Apprentice. I then got a ticket to watch him get interviewed by Adrian Chiles about his book "what you see is what you get" in the Apple store at Covent Garden which got recorded. During the end he answered some questions by us the audience, but at the time I didn't really have any questions to ask him because I wanted to hear what the other people had to say about his past, his future plans and what it takes to become an entrepreneur.

So as we move on towards November time, I knew guy fawkes was coming up and every year there are firework events all around London! I had a vision that people love sparklers whilst being at a fireworks event because they're fun to wave around and write your name with. So, I then met up with a good friend of mine one morning and I got him to go to a fireworks wholesaler in Acton, West London and I sent him in to buy me 72 sparklers which cost me £10. Once he had bought them for me I had to go straight to College because I had a lesson to go to and when College finished I went to his and recieved the sparklers off him and thanked him for getting up in the morning and looking after them whilst I was at College. I already had a price set for them and it was 40p each or three for a pound, I then went around the household, neighbours, and friends and got my money back straight away so therefore any money I'd be making from that point onwards would be profit. I then started going to the firework displays with a few friends of mine! the first day I went all I saw was police and they didn't allow sparklers to be used in the park area. I knew I wasn't going to give up, I went to the Ealing firework display with a few more mates which is local to me. Whilst there, I met people I knew and started having conversations with them but with all this chit-chat in the way my friends knew I'd have to chuck them away for nothing but giving up is never an option. After the fireworks went off, there was still people around and I saw people using sparklers so I thought I'm going for it. I was shouting out "get your sparklers, come on get your sparklers at 40 pence each or three for a pound and with my mates with me thinking what am I trying to do I had people coming up to me and buying them all off me because when one was lit the whole crowd were attracted and they were selling like hit cakes, and making 300% profit which came to £20 was better than sitting at home with a packet of crisps in one hand and a cola in the other. I was actually considered a junior del-boy trotter, funny enough I was wearing a brown leather jacket during that day. My mates seemed pretty shocked that I did it and to use one of their quotes "John, this time next year you will be that millionaire" that comment made me laugh knowing I felt like del-boy trotter. I did know something for sure, I knew that I had some entrepreneurial spirit inside me and I learnt new business skills.

Two weeks later, I launched my own company named "Mosses-Play'N'Trade co." with the use of my I.T course I made a logo and I created a Facebook page to market the service. The good thing about this business is that you can buy games cheaper than the high street retailers, and by using unwanted games and researching the market I got hold of new games which everyone demanded sold at a cheap price which made customers smile.

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