Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Planning to work in Web Design or would you like to apply the knowledge of creating websites for yourself? (Click here)

Are you aged 16-18?
Do you have the legal right to work in the UK?
Do you want a career or the knowledge in Web Design?

Look no further, Mapalim which is located in North London offer two month courses which are aimed at young people to develop their employment skills and give them the best experience needed in the specified industry and the good thing about the course is that it runs during the summer from July to August so you won't be at home bored or it won't clash with college.

Why should you learn Web Design? There are people who are clueless about IT but need the service to communicate with the world, they may want to upload their portfolio of artwork, they might want to offer a service or a shop selling products and you can charge them a couple of hundred to design a website with as many pages as requested and people pay that much as its demandble and they need someone with the best experience to do the job for them, its also a hobby to have as designing websites can be quite challenging and fun at the same time.

Doing an Apprenticeship - Apprenticeships are most valued these days by employers because they are looking to take on suitable candiates who have got the experience and the right work ethic which has been developed. Apprenticeships prepare you for the working world and they offer you the employability skills aswell as training provided.

Get paid £60 per week - Whilst recieving the training which is absolutely free and the qualification (NVQ2) you also get paid £60 pound per week which is amazing because if you were over 19 you'd have to pay a fee for the course and you'll be earning much more than £60 quid once you finish the course.

Get an IT and Telecoms Level 2 qualification - Once you've finished the course you'll be awarded a certificate which states an NVQ2 in IT and Telecoms and it will make you stand out on paper (CV) along with your other education records and you can bring the certificate to interviews to show employers that you used your whole summer break working and developing workplace skills which will highlight determination and ambition.

Learn Photoshop and Dreamweaver to a professional standard - You may be familar with both software specified, Photoshop creates graphics and Dreamweaver creates web pages and it automatically does the HTML coding for you which is a great asset. You may know how to use both programs but you might also want to develop the knowledge to become a professional.

I found out about this summer course through my student portal at College and when I researched Mapalim I was overwheelmed at what they were offering and I was just about eligible because of me being 18 and it was either now or never. I went for it because I wanted to learn a new skill, keep myself busy, gain an extra qualification, use the chance of free education, make the most of what I learn as I won't be going to university not because of the fee but the fact that you can become successful without a degree which is true all you need is experience, passion, drive and comitted.

I was one out of twelve people who got on to the course and a few hundred who applied got rejected as the company ain't big enough to hold that much applicants and they only chose the people who they thought deserved a place, so next year at around April/May time be aware if you're eligible for the course and use the best of your potential to get a place on the course to progress with yourself. 

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